A new benchmark in wealth analysis has been unveiled by ABS

Spokeswoman Sally Hodges described the recent appointment of Senior Analyst Peter Symonds as “pleasing beyond expectations”
Speaking at the launch of its Sydney HR and Personnel Recruitment office, ABS Media Spokeswoman Sally Hodges described the recent appointment of the well respected and much sought after Peter Symonds to the position of Senior Analyst as “pleasing beyond expectations.”

ABS has spared no expense in ensuring the upper echelons of trading analysts have been recruited to bolster its market share. “The result is world best technology and skill available right here in Australia”, Ms Hodges explained.

Hard financial times mean hard decisions have to be made regarding securing and maintaining positive cash flow and ABS appear to have unlocked the necessary strategies for achieving those results.

ABS Analysts combine decades of experience with practical explanations and methods of assisting clients achieve a new and refreshing way of wealth strategies. Their stated goal is to change the way you think about creating wealth and to date it has proved hugely successful for those joining the technology revolution being offered.